Rare Soul combines the beauty of natural raw materials with precious metals to create unique designs for your creative soul.


Founded in 2016, self-taught metalsmith Amy Miner handcrafts each accessory in her small studio space nestled within the rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania. She uses her creative skills to design unique, wearable pieces with a focus on craftmanship, quality, and fashion. Amy hand selects each gemstone and mineral and combines with hand forged precious metal to create her one of a kind accessories.


Rare Soul was born out of necessity. After suffering the devastating loss of her parents and other close family members, Amy needed a creative outlet to help manage her grief. This business is a way to showcase the creativity that was sparked, nurtured, and encouraged by those rare souls. Amy's hope is that you feel love, encouragement, and a creative spirit each time you wear Rare Soul.


Creativity. Heartache. Rebirth. Rare Soul.

    A third arm helps to support a ring on a charcoal block. A torch is applied to make the solder flow.

    - hand forged -

    Adding flame to metal truly allows for creativity and chaos. Soldering is both extremely satisfying as well as very frustrating. A lot can go wrong, but when it goes right, it's amazing.

    A rolling mill is used to create recycled sterling silver sheet.

    - recycled metals -

    At Rare Soul, we understand our metals are precious. All metal scraps are saved so they can be refined and reused. All sterling silver is refined in house and all other metals are sent off to a refinery.

    - packaging -

    We love cute, useful, aesthetic packaging around here and we think these suede microfiber pouches are perfect! Use them to store your jewelry on the go or to store your jewelry in your drawer. They offer such an adorable presentation for gift giving as well. We think you will love them!

    Image of the Rare Soul Jewelry Studio

    - studio vibes -

    Rare Soul Jewelry Studio has received a makeover...large windows with the best views, a thriving indoor jungle (tell me you survived 2020 without telling me you survived 2020), some boho wall hangings, and all the tools and materials to keep a girl happy for years!